What is HYGGE, you might ask?

Pronounced ‘hoo-ga’ or ‘hue-gah’, the word is becoming increasingly recognisable and was originally a Norwegian term for wellbeing. Developed into a concept and way of living by the Danish in the 18th century. Frequently described as ‘cosiness’ or ‘togetherness’ in English, the term has no literal translation, making it almost impossible to pinpoint exactly what hygge means.

How do you achieve Hygge in your home? Read on to find out!


#1 Simple things in life are HYGGE

Tiny additions to the home can transform any moment. Treating yourself to your favourite coffee, indulging in new bubble bath for long dips by candlelight or finally putting your favourite photographs on the wall are all instant mood lifters whenever you use/see them, so take the time to enjoy them.


#2 Textures

When you think of cosy and warming interiors to create the perfect relaxing moment the mind instantly goes to lusciously soft textures which add another dimension to any interior – think chunky knit cushions, faux fur throws and fluffy woollen rugs.


#3 Personal Touch

You want your home to feel comfortable – you want it to be the epitome of you. You can attach stories to your belongings even if they are bought. Fill the space with things that make you happy, comfortable and at ease.


Hygge is a mix of three factors: the space you are in, the people you are with and the intention “to create a sanctuary”. We hope you’ve managed to learn something new today! Never miss a post! Follow us on our Facebook page for more updates!