Subway Blog Post 3

Out of the ordinary –

If you’re an adventurous person, just forget about the classic white or black selections of subway tiles. No doubt, monochrome never goes out of style but sometimes we need a pop of color in our lives, don’t we? These days, subway tiles come in different colors, textures and materials; the possibilities are endless!

Besides the conventional way of tiling in the brick pattern, subway tiles can also be tiled in many different creative layouts; Herringbone, basketweave and stackbone being the most popular choices. Here are some spaces that allow the tilework to be the star of the show, now that’s not a bad thing isn’t it?

subway tiles different 4

subway tiles different 3

subway marble

Who doesn’t love marble? Definitely not us! Marble reminds us of luxurious hotel bathrooms with big bathtubs. If you are keen to turn your bathroom at home into a sanctuary where you unwind after a long day at work, here’s some inspiration for you!

subway tiles different 1

Everybody loves millennial pink, and a pink bathroom would be every girl’s dream! Now, are you brave enough to venture away from the norm into a whole new world?

All right, that’s all folks! We hope you enjoyed our three part article about the versatile subway tile. Feel free to contact us at if you would like to enquire more about these tiles, we would love to help!