Wall & Deco creates the effect of a single drawing on the entire wall, simply with the option to allow any size of wallpaper you would require, of any design, to be placed at any area and any type of wall. As good as it may sound, this is true for Wall & Deco!

Wall & Deco’s wallpapers boast a great attention to details and is able to complement any value, craftsmanship and beauty of the objects in your room as well as the entire outlook of the room. Non-woven cotton fabric with vinyl is the material that Wall & Deco uses to get a unique texture of wallpaper like none others.

The ideas produced by Wall & Deco is able to inspire and amaze you. Be it interesting, colorful, simple or fun, you can always find one that will satisfy you beyond your imaginations.

*We are constantly updating this page. Please check with us for the latest models!