Unica brings together the best in design and a contemporary mood in a unique style that interprets the classic tradition with a contemporary twist.

Target started life in 1996 as a third firing specialist dedicated to the design and production of applied decoration for the modern industrialized production of ceramic wall and floor tiles.

By continually developing innovative techniques and new forms of expression over the years, Target has been able to use ceramic decoration as a means for giving aesthetic expression through color, texture and pattern to the qualities of cultures, people and places.

Today, Target is a cutting-edge business that combines a dynamic entrepreneurial approach with the use of modern technology and up-to-the-minute understanding of a changing market. In recent years, the firm has focused on strengthening and renewing the Target brand – Design Surfaces – as well as launching a new brand, Unica – Supreme Surfaces. The aim of the new brand Unica: Supreme Surfaces is to offer a wide choice of decorative options currently unavailable on the market and perfect for any indoor or outdoor setting.