A multi-disciplined manufacturer of acoustic paneling, timber wall and ceiling panels as well as customised design finishes. Based in Sydney, Australia for over the past 3 decades, GDK employs more than a hundred staff globally, including highly skilled experienced tradesman and operators at its manufacturing facility and throughout South East Asia and Oceania region.

The ability to adapt, accommodate and surpass new challenges in the industry is a key factor in GDK’s success. GDK speaks of exceptional products and services every time.

A vertically integrated enterprise, GDK consists of in-house architects, designers, engineers, machinists, polishers, assemblers, glass and stone masons, partitioners, installers and delivery personnel to insure that the highest quality and detail is met right from the inception of a project, to its end. Going beyond this, GDK’s fully automated machinery ensures that its capability of delivering high volumes in a short span of time is not a mission impossible to them.

Never should your design be compromised due to limitations of supply. With GDK, aesthetic tailor-made acoustic installations have been made possible. No more exceptions needed.