All FX Australia paints are water-based which requires effortless clean-up and is able to be used on most prepared surfaces. All FX finishes are easy to clean as well.

More than just that, with the endless possibilities and the superb range of colors and finishes that are readily available from FX, there is virtually no limit to the special painted effects that can be easily achieved. Subtle or sensational, small-scale or stupendous – FX turns every vision into reality.

FX’s success resulted from an Italian passion to an Australian innovation.

Albert Sanvito arrived in Australia from northern Italy with a passion for art and a vast storehouse of knowledge on colors and textures of paint to turn any simple surface into a decorative one, a tradition perfected by Italian master craftsmen over centuries. He sourced for the finest raw pigments and the cutting edge technology and application methods to allow FX to be a world-class supplier of premium special effects coatings.

Today, technical excellence and professionalism remain the cornerstones of this family owned and operated company, through continuing research, innovation and hands-on support and advice for both home renovators and design professionals.