When it comes to choosing tiles, the choices seem endless and it can seem pretty overwhelming. There is a lot more than just selecting the right color and pattern of the tiles. It is indeed tricky to find the perfect tiles, as it is not a task that one tackles every day.

To help you out and narrow your options, Design Hub has specially curated a series of tiles we call our own! Because we know that the price tag and the quality might never match if your project calls for a huge quantity of tiles. Design Hub tiles are carefully selected to cater to every style and budget. Most importantly, Design Hub makes no compromise on the quality of the tiles!

Tiles are relatively permanent fixtures and it makes the purchase a serious business (it is just like any of your other purchases). Do you want the bold color that glass can provide, or the neutral texture associated with metal? Strictly speaking, tiles are not just a material. The Design Hub Tiles come in different sizes, shapes, colors and even material – ceramic, glass, and stainless steel, among others. There is endless combinations of size, texture and color and we have something for everyone!