Coem encompasses the beauty of natural stone in a high-performance porcelain stoneware.

A long and passionate journey which began in 1970: this is how Coem has imagined the evolution of our ceramics, through a path inspired by nature, its tactile textures and its strong yet fragile presence around us.

Offering the beauty of natural stones, in a porcelain stoneware with excellent technological qualities, ideal for floor and wall tiling in both residential and commercial settings: this has always been Coem’s primary aim.

Coem’s porcelain stoneware collections offer a wide range of products, featuring different finishes for use both indoors and outdoors, together with a large variety of special trims. The design of the products is inspired by the simple, essential nature of the shapes, surfaces and decorations.

The steps in this adventure are quality, coherence, consistency, alongside experience, technological research and focus on the customer: the result is attentive growth that respects the environment we live in.